1:1 Coaching

(6 Session Program)

Being productive and managing time in a balanced and healthy way is hard, but it is a skill that can be learned and improved.

  • Do you wish you had more time in the day?

  • Do you struggle to get through your to do list?

  • Does your overflowing inbox make you anxious?

  • Do you put off projects until the last minute?

If any of this sounds familiar, one to one coaching could make a big difference for you.

There’s just something about a one-to-one experience that you just can’t get in a group or company workshop setting. That’s why I’m excited to offer, a one-to-one coaching experience that enables you to get direct access to me as your personal success coach. I can help you power up your progress and increase your productivity.

In these sessions, we will discuss the challenges you’re facing in your work and home life and co-create an action plan that will help you start getting the right things done on a consistent basis. Whether your problems lie in the tools you’re using or the approach you’re taking, one to one coaching can help you move forward instead of finding yourself stuck in the day-to-day chaos.

Depending on your situation and your challenges, we will work on issues such as:

  • Mindset shifts

  • Simplification of productivity practices

  • The art of prioritization

  • Tips for shifting between home and work life more attainable and enjoyable

What’s Included:

  • Bi-weekly 60-minute video session with your coach

  • A recap email outlining key highlights from your session as well as next steps

  • Direct access to me as your coach via text message.


$900 payment plan available upon request